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Lucy Loves Sherman - Cover


Recipient of the 2018 Florida Authors & Publishers Association (FAPA) Book Awards

  • Silver Medal in Children's Picture Book ages 0-7

  • Gold Medal in Children's Picture Book ages 5-9

  • Silver Medal in Florida: Children's Picture Book ages 0-7

Recipient of a silver IPPY Award for Best Illustrated Children's Picture ebook!

Activities for this book are available HERE!

Lucy Loves Sherman

By Catherine Bailey

Illustrated by Meg Walters

Sky Pony Press, 2017

ISBN-10: 1634507053

ISBN-13: 978-1634507059




Girl meets lobster. Girl loves lobster. But can girl save lobster?

That’s the question at the center of this sweet and sassy picture book about Lucy, her shell-y friend Sherman, and the seafood-loving town they inhabit.

Lucy loves Sherman from the moment they meet at Flotsam’s Fish Market. Oh sure, he’s an eighteen-pound, eighty-year-old crustacean, but he’s also polka-dotted. And blurble-y. And he smells like the ocean! Unfortunately, Nana is not hooked on the idea of a pet lobster.

Things only get worse when Lucy meets Chef Pierre and discovers that Sherman’s fate is on a plate! She must rescue Sherman, even if it means getting into hot water with all the grownups. So Lucy takes action. But will the efforts of one little girl be enough to save Sherman from the bib and butter?

As humorous as it is inspiring, 
Lucy Loves Sherman explores an unlikely, yet utterly charming friendship, and the challenge and thrill of finding your voice and being an activist.

Artwork from Lucy Loves Sherman
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