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Also Available Dinos Don't Do Yoga

Dinos Don't Meditate

By Catherine Bailey

Illustrated by Alex Willmore

Sounds True, 2023

ISBN-10: 1683649613

ISBN-13: 978-1683649618




In this delightful dinosaur adventure, kids discover the joys of mindfulness and meditation―and how good it can feel to take it slow.

In the prehistoric world, rough-and-tumble Rex and the serene sauropod Sam are the most unlikely of best friends. Yet when Sam takes a break from play to meditate, his buddy Rex just doesn’t get it. Why would anybody want to sit still and chill when they could be romping and roaring all day?

Dinos Don’t Meditate is an ideal teaching story for high-energy kids. As kids join these prehistoric pals, they’ll learn how good it feels to slow down, breathe, and pay attention, as well as the benefits of balancing peaceful pauses with playful activity.

With colorful characters that kids will immediately identify with, this fun-filled tale reveals how important and enjoyable it can be to engage in moments of peace and relaxation. The book also provides simple mindfulness guidance, including Mesozoic meditations to try at home

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